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#targetedMedia Reaching the RIght People, At The Right Time, With The Right Content.

In-Touch Interactive Offers Advertisers access to a whole new world of targeted advertising, Our advertisers provide us with their preffered target audience, We identify exactly who the advertises direct market is, We put the advertisers content at the finger-tips of their customers within their prime marketing area's which we look to generate greater returns, We have broken the barrier of the old traditional media and methods with our PAY - PER - PERFORMANCE option. This allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of mass marketing & the power of SEO and Google Analytics and bring that to the BRICKS & MORTER Locations, All of our media content is completely bespoke and all aspects of our multi-channel media platform can be customised or sponsored, NEVER before have we seen this targeted marketing been leveraged in a way that you pay based on RESULTS. All of our locations have a minimum of 250,000 people visiting them per year with a combined network reaching well into the millions+++ The network is engaged in a captive enviroment with many options for the consumer to engage as we have incentivised the audience with entertainment products ranging from music selection, news and weather updates, live location based information on events and location activities. We understand thruogh our Instant Personality Profiling what content the consumer is wanting to receive and target the auidence with advertising that is relevant to them at the right location, at the right time, with the right content, we are on the leading edge of targeted advertising and it is easy to see why. #turnonthefuture 

What Can I Sponsor & How Does It Look?

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Can I Sponsor The Whole Splash Page? Or Can i Sponsor A Splash Page With Industry Relevant Sponsors? 

You Can Do Both 

What Else Do I Get When I Advertise With InTouch?

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