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#ITSME - InTouch Social Media Entertainment 

With consumers now actively searching for WiFi in hotels when booking their travel arrangements online; the hotel industry needs to update its WiFi policy to look at new ways of generating a return on their investment.

This is why we need to think smart with ITSME

Intellegent Spaces with Intellegent Services

Keep guests informed

The hospitality sector is the ideal environment for installing WiFi hotspots. It gives hotels,motels & Backpackers the edge when it comes to increasing revenues through targeted marketing that will drive recommendations and repeat bookings. 

With ITSME, management can capture detailed data around footfall & movement around public guest areas, demographics of other visitors and frequency of online activity. All of which helps management teams create engaging and extremely targeted marketing campaigns and increased guest spend stimulation.

Drive revenue

With InTouch Public WiFi the option to charge guests and visitors for access to the internet is always available. But looking beyond WiFi usage tariffs, hoteliers can truly maximize their engagement with guests online through customised splash pages promoting offers such as spa treatments and menus – or whatever else the venue wants to promote. There is no long form to fill in to register for free WiFi and ideally people will login using their social networking profiles, allowing them to share the brand with their friends and followers.

Commercial Benefits

Secure Internet

A separate network for guests and staff means that commercially sensitive information is safe and your WiFi is legally compliant.

Content Filtering

Our content filtering service is ideal for commercial environments, automatically blocking IWF blacklisted URLs or sites by category.

Welcome Guests

Easily welcome guests by automatically connecting them to WiFi and offering a wayfinding tool to show them to reception or their meeting room.

Update hotel guests with information about facilities, events, food offers, drinks promotions and deals on repeat bookings straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.


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