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Bethany O'Brien

Bethany O'Brien is a born and raised Perth musician. She started dancing, singing and acting at age 4 which sparked her passion and love for performing. By the time she was 13 she was self taught on guitar and ukulele and began performing as a solo artist at community events and charity concerts.

Bethany's commitment and contribution as a musician in her local community led to a nomination for Young Australian of the year in 2014. Since then she has been performing and busking regularly and plans to release her EP at the end of 2016 .


Sound Cloud 

I have some great tracks on Sound Cloud, please feel free to have a listen and give me some feedback on my music


I have an amazing YouTube Channel jump on and check it out. I welcome all your feedback and comments


Dont forget to have a look at my Facebook and give me a like if you want to stay upto date with everything im doing

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