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#ITSME - InTouch Social Media Entertainment 

Stadiums are essentially home to thousands of people – a willing audience enjoying a common interest – so a group open to engaging marketing campaigns. By sharing relevant content at events, stadium managers and promoters can use social media to gain awareness of events – but our social WiFi solution takes this one stage further.

This is why we need to think smart with ITSME

Intellegent Spaces with Intellegent Services

An enhanced experience

#ITSME encourages people to use their mobile device to sign into free WiFi using their social networking accounts. The venue can then see who is online, how often they attend events at the stadium and what they’re interested in. This data then allows the venue, promoters and advertisers to send relevant news and information to the audience, ranging from announcements about upcoming events, through to the travel updates when leaving the venue. All of this means an enhanced experience for the fans:

  • Wayfinding apps point customers to drinks and food areas

  • Link spectators to the LED screens for increased interaction

  • Inform the crowd of other events as they are happening

Captive audience

By sharing news around future events to people while they are there and redirects to dedicated pages, you can facilitate ticket sales while they’re enjoying a night out through targeted game-time advertising.

Organisers gain access to:

  • Analytical information as it is happening

  • A clear picture of consumer behavior to maximize the customer experience


Commercial Benefits

Future Planning

Using analytical data makes planning stadium events easier, helping you to optimize seating space, merchandise displays and food or drink vendor locations according to footfall.

Social Time

Free WiFi means that sharing the stadium experience on social media is easy, creating a buzz and boosting your social profile.

Real Time Updates

Update fan with information about special performances, fixtures, facilities, early bird tickets and offers on food and drink straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.


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