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Connecting People With Technology

InTouch Interactive is a Media Network & Technology Company that offers Interactive and Entertaining Platforms to Locations with a Captive Audience. We Connect and Engage Consumers & Advertisers with Venues across a Multi-Channel Media Platform that provides onsite entertainment for the visitors as well as collecting Live Data Analytics to understand a complete picture of the consumer

InTouch Interactive


What you need to know

– One access point at a time –

InTouch Interactive has been changing public technology and Interactive platforms one access point at a time. We’ve helped create industry wide demand for Branded Music Channels, Direct 2 Mobile Technology, On-Demand location based mobile Entertainment, Social login WiFi, WiFi analytics and WiFi Marketing & monetization which never existed before.

- Where We Are Now -

We are now growing into a global company with deployments in multiple countries through our partners ranging from small local IT companies through to big brand Telco’s with advertising opportunities all over the world.

- What's Next For InTouch Interactive -

We have partnered with a financial institution and key individuals whom help us in our mission to revolutionise the world with what we have called Interactive Instant Personal Community Media (IPCM). At InTouch we still stand true to our initial belief and continue to be innovative and grow as we explore and discover more ways to bring value to the users, advertisers and the venue's through our Multi-Channel Media Integration and grow the world’s most direct advertising media platform while staying ahead of the times & how the Internet of Things plays a part.

Our History

"The InTouch Empire"

Our Services

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A #DisruptiveAdvertising Company that boasts the best results in the world. InTouch Advertising has backend access to the #InTouchRadio & #InTouchWiFi Networks. This means it can identify exactly who is listening to its commercials & more importantly, InTouch Advertising can select YOUR exact target audience, placing your adverts in front of the right people at the right time in the right location with Real-Time Data and Insight analytics tracking


#InTouchRadio provides the latest and most effective digital broadcasting solutions for venues, businesses and local advertisers. InTouch Radio is Branded to its location & is completely customised and controlled by the host. InTouch Radio is partnered with the BBC and boasts the Largest Music Playlist in the country with over 8+ Million tracks to choose from and 10,000 new tracks added monthly. InTouch Radio is Interactive and allows for consumers to request songs by txting in a keyword. This captures the mobile number for onsite marketing.

#InTouchWiFi + #ITSME

#InTouchWiFi is a proprietary, WiFi Marketing & Monetization system. InTouch WiFi sets the industry benchmarks by providing the most advanced and comprehensive range of in-session advertising of any WiFi marketing system available. InTouch WiFi includes real-time Instant Sales Leads and in-session Splash pages. InTouch WiFi provides data and location insights that have never been available before. InTouch WiFi is compared to the Internet in the physical world & offers better insights than of its competitors at Google & Facebook.

Go 2 InTouch Wifi & ITSME


#InTouchDigital provides the latest and most effective TV broadcasting solutions for venues, businesses and local advertisers. InTouch Digital is Branded to its location & is completely customised and controlled by the host. InTouch Digital TV's have installed a camera that includes facial recognition, age recognition, gender recognition & displays content based on the consumers whom are engaged.

Go 2 InTouch Digital


#InTouchCloudBanking is a gateway portal that replaces your internal eftpos system with the InTouch Cloud Banking Terminal. Everything remains the same including who you bank with.  Our system - InTouch Cloud Banking sits on top of your existing bank account as an overlay to your existing banking network by placing a surcharge between the business and the customer. This offsets the line rental fee's and all bank charges allowing the FEE's that your current eftpos terminal generates to be passed onto InTouch covering the cost of your advertising and hardware installations essentially making our services FREE

Go 2 InTouch Finance


#InTouchInsurance is a gateway portal that opens up wholesale purchasing rates with Insurers Direct. Everything remains the same including your policies.  Our system - InTouch Insurance allows you to negotiate directly with the Insurer on rates like your broker would. We offer you a direct line of communication with the wholesalers so that we can reduce the cost of your business & personal insurance. You save on the bottom line & 50% of those savings go towards purchasing advertising credits or hardware & equipment to upgrade your business. For personal insurance we provide a gift card valued at 50% of your savings to be spent amongst anyone within the InTouch Community.

Go 2 InTouch Insurance


#InTouchTelco is a gateway portal that opens up wholesale purchasing rates with all top tier carriers direct. Our system - InTouch Telco allows you to negotiate directly with the carrier on rates. We offer you a direct line of communication with the wholesalers so that we can reduce the cost of your business & personal telecommunications. You save on the bottom line & 50% of those savings go towards purchasing advertising credits or hardware & equipment to upgrade your business. For personal signups we provide a gift card valued at 50% of your savings to be spent amongst anyone within the InTouch Community.

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#InTouchRecords Is a Music Label on the hunt for the WORLDS best music artists, we sign and promote music artists internally via our global audience. We do this using our platforms #InTouchRadio #InTouchWiFi & #InTouchDigital. We self promote our artists on multiple platforms over the InTouch Network covering everything from Tv's, Radio, Mobile Phones, SMS, Push Notifications, & Email Campaigns. InTouch Radio offers a play-by request portal which gives a profit share back to our artists every-time a song is requested, at the same time allowing the audience to instantly download onto all smart devices this is a GLOBAL-FIRST MUSIC LABEL..!


#InTouchSecurity - The InTouch Security Cameras are a WiFi distribution point that come all equiped with facial recognition, age recognition & gender recognition. InTouch Security connects to our database via cloud technology to provide locations with better data and insight analytics for locations as well as provide a better experience for consumers. Available Early 2022

Go 2 InTouch Security


#InTouchTunez - "#Tunez" Is a World first Music App. Tunez has 2x different subscription models. Free & Platinum - The free service actually rewards you for using the App in the way of shopping & food vouchers. Platinum - is a sponsor free service with video streaming. Both subscriptions allow you to search what's on within your state. Purchase vouchers for bars and restaurants as well as event tickets. Tunez also boasts a location portal for coupon redemption and social sharing algorithm that allows you to collect redemption points.  Available 2022

Go 2 Tunez

Why Choose Us?

Cloud W Fi


#ITSME - Have it up & Running in less than 1 hr from sign up.

#InTouchWiFi - Plug & Play 72 hr delivery time

#InTouchRadio - Plug & Play 72 hr delivery time

InTouch Interactive


InTouch WiFi - ITSME + InTouch Radio is entertaining for all, consumers love the mobile engagements & staff remain energised with FRESH content 

Cloud Wi-Fi


In-Touch Interactive is on the leading edge of technology. InTouch WiFi ITSME  InTouch Radio - are world leading platforms in their respected industries, upgrades are done via the internet controlled by robust technology within the cloud so you never have to worry about being out of date, you move forward with us as we move forward. 

Connect 2 The InTouch Venue Network

Connect + APi

Locations & Venues now have more data analytics available than ever before. InTouch helps you to bring all that data into one place blending digital & Social with physical spaces turning them into smart places. This includes WiFi, location data, beacons, Point of Sale, social media, website traffic, environmental data and much more.

Customised dashboard

Not only will the InTouch Dashboard deliver exciting information about your customer traffic, we provide you with the unique ability to import your marketing events calendar and sales figures resulting in a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts. In Real-Time

Easy 2 use

InTouch is full service to make things easy for you. Not only do we show you "how" to use our dashboard, our marketing guru's provide you with step by step tutorials on how to make the most out of the collected data. In addition to well written documentation, we provide you with easy to understand video tutorials ensuring that you get the most out of your investment with InTouch

Veiw on the go

In 2014 tablet  & Mobile Phone sales outnumbered the humble desktop computer. Ensuring that you can check how your current campaign is running no matter where you are, the InTouch Dashboard has been designed to provide easy to read and use features on desktops, tablets and smart-phones. So going on holiday is never a worry.

Consumers Connect Via Entertainment

1x time seamless global connection

Customers Opt-In ONCE to the InTouch Public Wi-Fi using their social media account. & mobile token authentication

Customer arrives with a welcome msg

Visitors will receive a welcome message upon arriving at any of the InTouch Network locations, This may be a wayfinder link a welcome voucher, a discount offer or a royalty coupon. A catalogue, magazine or local newspaper may be offered specific to that area.

Free public wifi acess

Visitor is connected to the FREE InTouch Network public Wi-Fi, upon entering the web-browser the visitor will be re-directed to a splash page or landing page containing relevant information to that individual. The internet use may be limited or a pay as you go option is also available. 

customer song requests

Visitor have the option of selecting a link on the welcome msg, upon landing on the splash page or by simply texting the word of the loction to 19989000 to access the locations music channel, the location may wish to block explicit language, specific songs or genres. There is a pay per play option which offers a revenue share with the venue, specific unsigned music artists are hand selected by InTouch Records whom also receive a revenue share when their songs are requested or played. 

Consumers & Locations Interact For The Ultimate Experience

Consumer & location are 2 way communication

Visitors & Locations now have the ability to communicate in real-time across multiple platforms which include but not limited to - Social media, TXT messages, Email, E-Shots, Direct Calls, Surveys, Polls & much more this is only moving forward.

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location receives complete consumer profile

Discover more about your customers, how they interact with your business and the world around them through our InTouch Insights.

Understand what your customers are doing in and around your location and correlate those behaviours with what they are doing online to create a more complete picture.

Personalised Content engagement

InTouch understands by profiling individuals based on dwell times, online web searches, choice of music, shopping patterns, consumer trends and API's across online and digital accounts, the locations public announcements, public information,  advertising and marketing can be relevant rather than harassing. With our content delivery platform we are able to bring relevant information at the right time in the right place with the right content. The opportunities are endless.

Consumer & location receive revenue share & rewards

InTouch is all about value share and value trades, we have multiple options for both the location and the visitor/consumer to take advantage of a few extra coins in their back pocket. We support consumers with discount offers, free vouchers, credit to spend with our sponsors as well as the growth of local communites, unsigned music artists, charity organisations, SME businesses, growing brands, start-up companies & home opperaters, we choose to support and give back wherever we can, life is easier cheaper and more economical with InTouch. 

We Have You Covered Select Your Industry

InTouch is a power-house in diversification - we have a solution for all industry types

InTouch Interactive is a tailored media tech service aimed to deliver the ultimate solution across multiple platforms across multiple services - InTouch Interactive is the ONLY full service and cross media platform of its type in the WORLD. We are able to mix and match all of our technology products along with providing you a complete integration of our technology and that of its services. 

Some Of Our Partners

Anytime Fitness
Eaton Recreation
Property Investors


"The Music Is GREAT, I am so glad I dont have to worry about it anymore now everythings automated & the staff love it"

Michal Callister - Kalgoorlie Oasis

"We had never done advertising before, InTouch made the process easy. We had a great response, the campaign was measured in real-time & converted sales improved across all areas."

OMG - Its Scary how acurate you guys are, I can not believe that you are able to pin point personal profiles so easily. This is some amazing technology of the future

Ben Jordan - Eaton Recreation Centre 

Tim Ash - Property Investors


Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm
​Sunday: Closed

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