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#ITSME - InTouch Social Media Entertainment 

There’s a challenge for chain stores to find the perfect balance between branch consistency and personalised customer service. InTouch Radio & WiFi is a solution to both of these challenges; allowing customers to enjoy music and the shopping ambiance and get online quickly and easily regardless of the store they happen to be in, whilst facilitating marketing communications that are tailored to customer demographics, loyalty and seasonal trends.

This is why we need to think smart with ITSME

Intellegent Spaces with Intellegent Services

Responsive marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are not just tailored to customers either – using our platform, these campaigns can be changed according to store size and location. This can be done at Head Office or store level or we are happy to manage this for you. If a particular store identifies a pattern of behaviour in specific areas using our location analytics, messages can be changed to reflect this. For example, a store might recognise that an increased number of customers are spending more time at the perfume counter, triggering an offer sent straight to their mobile devices whilst they are on site.

Match your data

Our platform is essential for helping chain stores to collect and manage data, synchronizing it with existing records in CRM and email databases. This creates a real single customer view, harnessing the combined power of in-store analytics and online campaigns.

A secure guest WiFi network

Using ITSME also means that stores benefit from having a completely separate network for guests and staff. This allows staff to be notified when specific areas of the store are busy and need more attention, whilst using devices such as tablets to show products to customers and give them another way to make a purchase.

Commercial Benefits

Understand Customers + Seamless login

Understand customers in more detail through dwell times and location tracking.

Offer a seamless WiFi login journey across multiple sites to improve brand loyalty and consistency.

Content Filtering & Targeted Communication

There’s nothing like InTouch Radio to provide the soundtrack to a enjoyable time shopping to increase customer dwell-time, we allow customers to control the music via their smart phone – while the store can block certain tracks and genres so there is no nasty surprises. Increase customer spend stimulus through targeted communications based on insights through the monetization of free WiFi

Live updates & analytics + Touch-Points

WiFi means that Customers can easily access their social media accounts and in turn, boost your profile.

Update shoppers with information about facilities, events, food offers, drinks promotions and deals straight to their phones. Add another dimension to your in store customer touchpoints

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.


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