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Alexandra Hainsworth

Alexandra Hainsworth. Born and raised in Perth, Alexandra has been singing independently on the stage in front of immense crowds from a very young age. At age 11, Alexandra had the opportunity to perform in Ibiza, Spain as part of an entertainment plan for hotel guests. There she performed covers from the artist Shakira and was met with a dazzling level of support and applaud. During her tertiary years, Alexandra travelled to New York, Boston and Los Angeles where she was inspired by the magic and potential of working cover bands and upon her return developed an acoustic duo and secured lead vocalist positions in bands around Perth.

Alexandra is rapidly expanding her professional music career, being part of the singer/pianist duo ‘The Entertainers’ with acclaimed pianist Ric Stern, and an original Soul/RnB music project with John Young. The latter has attracted the interest of Beat1 Studios in London resulting in a successful advertising campaign and nightclub release. Additionally, Alexandra and John’s original song ‘J Train’ has been developed into a high calibre music video. In regard to Alexandra’s live performances, ‘The Entertainers' are well versed to perform at weddings, corporate events, 5-star Hotel Lobby Lounges, Luxury Cruise Ships, Theatres and Jazz Clubs. Alexandra is an exceptional Perth-based entertainer with an inimitable and passionate vocal style to win the hearts of any audience.


Sound Cloud 

I have some great tracks on Sound Cloud, please feel free to have a listen and give me some feedback on my music


I have an amazing YouTube Channel jump on and check it out. I welcome all your feedback and comments


Dont forget to have a look at my Facebook and give me a like if you want to stay upto date with everything im doing

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