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Crisis Mr Swagger

Chisenga Gander Katongo is a Grammy-Recognised, multi award winner, nominee and multi-faceted entertainer.

Born in Lusaka on May 27th, Crisis Mr. Swagger is the son of Rhoda and Colin Gander, a well accomplished auto mechanic and transportation expert who worked with, Manica Freight Services, a subsidiary of the Anglo American corporation. His biological father, Arnold Kunda is African, a native of Luapula Province in Zambia and his mother is a Zambian Christian. She often sang in church and continues to do so. Crisis Mr. Swagger's interest in performing began at the early of 10. With time spent at home with his mother listening to country music and later, his step-dad grooving to classic soul music, he developed an appreciation and understanding for music that would later inspire the sound he would craft in years to come.

Crisis Mr. Swagger continues to rise into stardom and not only is he an artist, but a cultural breakout from the Australian norm as he also takes on responsibility as a Global Goals Australia Ambassador and Entrepreneur. Swagger has built out his Diamond Chain Media platform from a small room in his friends garage to invitations into the corporate office plus social events such as The Grammy's to the elite networks of Perth city and beyond, as he morphs into an all-encompassing lifestyle brand.

While keeping a balance of family life and work, It has been said by many that, the rapper is only getting started. He has used the previous years to simply build a strong foundation; opening for acts such as Akon, Sean Paul, E-40, DJ Yella of NWA, Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son) to networking with The D.O.C and furthering relationships with industry people off a stint in Los Angeles California, during his attendance of the Grammy's.

Since relocating to Perth, Australia he has taken the stage at The Beaufort Street Festival, Battle of The Bands, State of The Art Festival to making crowds congregate, throwing their hands up at RAW Perth. His new partner in crime, DJ/Musician; Echelon is an added piece of arsenal. Together with Arnold, a dancer that kills it on stage, the team is unstoppable.

The rapper has been rising to greater heights in recent years and show's no signs of slowing down on the world market. He was quoted saying "It's always a matter of time and persistence. Any artist that plans to have a lasting career also has to learn to evolve with the time's and, thank God I'm a sponge and I will continue to adapt so... don't expect the same thing from Crisis Mr. Swagger."

From the time he was recognised for releasing the first locally produced Hip-Hop album in his birth country Zambia, Officer in Charge was and still stands as one of the most successful Hip-Hop albums from that country. He introduced new acts and garnered local awards for best Hip-Hop artist. He was further introduced to Africa and the rest of the world through MTV Base and Channel-O.
Swagger asserted himself as a world-class creative, trailblazer. Crisis Mr. Swagger released his Mixtape C.R.I.$.I.$ Presents The Diamond Chain and then later got picked up by Clavel Management whie living in the UK, where he released the Grammy-recognised album, Designer in 2008.

As The Music Magazine writer Callum Twigger writes, "I never thought I'd see it: technically flawless east coast (of America) style Hip-Hop made by a Perth-based MC. That MC is Zambian-born, Perth based Crisis Mr. Swagger. The man raps like he was born doing it and his six-track EP feature's production so sharp you could cut yourself. Jesus Christ. I had to listen to Soul Train three times because I couldn't even believe it. The metaphors are complex, Swagger's samples are fearlessly independent of each other, there is little imitation and almost no repetition or recycling. Back to The Future, track one is a stand-out in particular."



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